One Team, One County: Katryna Arbelo

Freshman Katryna Arbelo has been dynamite on the diamond for Dukes Softball
Freshman Katryna Arbelo has been dynamite on the diamond for Dukes Softball

When you watch Cumberland County College Softball, you cannot help but be impressed by one of their top all-around players, Katryna Arbelo. As a freshman, Katryna has stormed onto the scene and has become one of the region's top offensive players and arguably its smoothest defensive player. Arbelo, who attended Buena Regional High School in Buena, NJ, was recently named the GSAC Conference Player of the Week for the second time this season. We took a moment to see what she thinks of her team's early success and their goals moving forward.


Q1: As a freshman, how has the transition from High School Student-athlete to College student-athlete been?


KA: The transition from a high school student athlete to a college student athlete hasn't changed much to me because it was always about keeping your grades up and playing a sport that I love.


Q2: Your team has already surpassed last year's win total.  What does it feel like to be a part of a program that is making a strong push to reclaim the success the program had just a few years ago?


KA: It's a great feeling to know that I'm a part of a program that's making a strong push because at any moment we can make history and I could be apart of it.


Q3: It seems like your team is a very tight knit group. Was that a focus going in and what brought about the great team chemistry?


KA: The focus going into the season was to be better than last year and just to get better everyday. The great team chemistry was built by us just always laughing and having a good time with each other on and off the field.


Q4: What are the team goals from this point of the season?


KA: The team goals at this point would be keep getting better everyday, take it one game at a time, and try to make it to the playoffs.


Quick Hitters


Favorite Song: Drake - Nice for what


Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees, Philadelphia Eagles


Funniest person on the team is…: Abby Abate


If I could travel anywhere, I would go to…: Bora Bora


One person I admire is…: My dad