Inside Athletics



The Cumberland County College Student Life & Athletics Department is proud to have our students work right along side administrators with hopes that the experience will guide them to achieving their personal and professional goals. Students within the work study program are open to learning the inner workings of a collegiate department and are opened to a tremendous networking opportunity. Through working with community businesses and vendors, college administrators, and a variety of professionals, students are able to expand their horizons and increase their opportunities beyond the CCC campus.

To apply, please follow the steps below!

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Click the 'Students' Tab

Step 3: Create an Account or sign in if you have an account already

Step 4: Click 'My Resume'

Step 5: Build a Resume/Upload a Resume

Step 6: Click 'Search - My School's Jobs'

Step 7: View jobs by Job Type - Select 'Work Study' from the drop down menu

Step 8: Click 'CCC-Athletics Department Work Study'

Step 9: Upload Resume via Builder/Computer Drive

Step 10: Click 'Submit'