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One Team, One County - Kiana Arroyo

One Team, One County - Kiana Arroyo

One of the most beloved students at Cumberland County College is the highlight of this edition of, One Team, One County.  Sophomore Social Science major, Kiana Arroyo, was the Dukes leading goal scorer during the 2018 campaign as she poured in 7 goals on the year.  On 'Sophomore Day', Kiana added some shine on her final home regular season match against Lehigh Carbon.  In that match she scored 2 goals to put a bow on her fantastic career and help the team end their season on a 3-game winning streak.

Kiana is also an associate of the Athletics Department as she assists in the fitness center and is a member of the Dukes Gameday Operations Staff.  Let's meet....Kiana Arroyo.


Q1: Heading into your final semester, what are your plans once your graduate from CCC?

KA: My plans after I graduate CCC in 2019 is to transfer to Stockton University to become an Occupational Therapist.  


Q2: Your team finished strong winning your last 3 matches. When you look back on your two seasons at Cumberland, what will you remember most?

KA: What I'll remember the most from my two soccer seasons at Cumberland is how close we were as a team, we struggled together and we also strived and succeeded together. 


Q3: It seems like your class (2019) was a very tight knit group. What created that?

KA: What made our group of sophomores really close, was that most of us played soccer together since high school and as a whole, we related on how much we enjoyed playing. We also could relate on college and life in general.


Q4: What are final words of wisdom to the freshmen soccer players?

KA: Some final words I can give to the future sophomores (c/o 2020) playing soccer,  is to play not only with  your feet, but with your heart. Make sure you manage your time for classes and soccer. Stay hydrated and healthy. Make new friends and have fun. 


Q5: To a student considering Cumberland County Athletics, what would you tell them?

KA: To students considering CCC athletics, definitely join a sport! Its such a great experience and its an easy way to make new friends and memories. 


Quick Strikes


Favorite Song: See beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth 


Favorite Sports TeamSoccer: Barcelona. Football: Eagles 


Funniest person on the team is…Cecilia (Cece) Andrion


What is your Dream Job: Occupational Therapist 


If I could travel anywhere, I would go to…St. Lucia


One person I admire is…My Parents